When times are tough, do something to help others

Seeing our #Focus5 young people grow in confidence is a special feeling. We know it’s not always easy to let someone in, but when our young people commit to learn, engage with their key worker and empower themselves to make progress, incredible things can happen.

Jenna is a wonderful example of how #Focus5 can help young people overcome barriers. Jenna developed Tourette’s Syndrome in 2021 and has been working hard on herself with her #Focus5 Key Worker to build her confidence and get more comfortable with her tics. Jenna has her talents in song writing and singing, and now she is volunteering in a local charity shop and we are super proud of her!

She is passionate about animals so Jenna has been giving her time to the RSCPA charity shop near to where she lives, which is a perfect fit for her.  She even said, ‘I sometimes prefer animals to people…’ I mean don’t we all? Working in the charity shop means Jenna can work on building her confidence and work on the #Focus5 5 Key Skills, communication and customer service. She says when she is there her tics are not so severe because she’s not so focussed on them. Her jobs so far has included working behind the till, which she learnt how to use and she also found the most efficient way to pull off the receipts from the till roll. She has also been pricing items and says the machine they have to do it with is fun to use! Jenna was nervous about starting in the shop but says the other staff are really understanding and as her confidence grows, she’s not so nervous anymore.

Jenna is really pleased with how everything is going with her volunteering and is looking at the possibility to increase the number of days and hours she is there.

Jenna also had a clear out of her bedroom with the help of her Key Worker and found some books and clothes she no longer uses, which she will donate to the shop. At #Focus5 we’re passionate about sustainability, so we love that Jenna is able to give these items to Charity, rather than chucking them away.

Despite her difficult circumstances, Jenna has shown amazing confidence and dedication to overcome her barriers. Jenna said “When times are tough, do something to help others, it can help you too.” Well done Jenna, you super star!!